Langeron Consulting is powered by experienced statisticians and econometricians, whose members have conducted research in the field for more than two decades. At Langeron Consulting, we combine theory and practice to make sophisticated methods of analysis using different types of data and software in areas such as economics, finance, marketing, operations research, management, actuarial studies, natural sciences, agriculture, demography, education, political sciences, biostatistics, health economics, epidemiology, and quantitative social sciences.

Brand Value

We are a data-driven consulting firm with focus on developing new insights and business performance based on qualitative and quantitative data, statistical analysis, and advanced econometrics methods. At all levels, our multidisciplinary team of economists, marketers, psychologists, social scientists, and engineers will be in charge of your project to develop the most efficient and powerful solution. They will analyze the data, apply advanced analytical techniques, and build predictive models to determine actionable results to the decision making process. Our team of scientists will discuss projects with you from the early stages to ensure you have a complete understanding of the technique and research approach to be implemented.

At Langeron Consulting, we research and use all the expertise available to build and grow strong brands and businesses. We work with business leaders searching for knowledge and confidence for strategic decisions.