Our research group is made up of leaders in their field, who have a broad background and experience in the research field across several verticals and industrial sectors. Our scientists have combined expertise in:

Advanced Statistics & Market Science Consulting

Regression Modeling & Multivariate Analyses

Time Series Modeling

Marketing Science Analyses as Part of Tracking Modules

Advanced Econometrics and Ad Hoc Analytics

Langeron’s professional team has developed and implemented ground-breaking approaches in areas such as country level market segmentation, brand positioning, advertising optimization, business drivers, and pricing modeling, among others, all of them leading to the best and more suitable business model to your firm.

Our team has also designed and managed projects involving complex studies such as brand equity, brand valuation, customer satisfaction and loyalty, product-service demand and market share prediction, marketing mix modeling, as well as risk scoring and value-at-risk to the banking industry. The depth and breadth of knowledge among our multidisciplinary research team ensures high-quality results that enable our clients make better and more informed strategic decisions.